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About the Artist


I’ve lived on Cape Cod for over half a century. It’s a magical place. No matter how far I’ve travelled, I’ve never felt there’s somewhere I’d rather be. The light, the seasons, the maritime history and that huge body of water called the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds this small jetty of land. It inspires me. Spend a year here and you’d know what I mean.  Ever since I was a kid, I had the urge to create. I converted my basement into a workshop. I tinkered. I watched. I learned.  I experimented.  And when I retired I embraced the opportunity for a “Second Act”. My daughter, who was born on the Cape, wonders why it took so long. It doesn’t seem long to me. Please take a look at my work.   I’m always updating regularly and post new works as they come to me so please stay connected. I love it here and every unique piece comes from the connection 50 years brings.  







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